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Little Caliphs® Playschool

Little Caliphs® Playschool is a sister branch of Little Caliphs® International that focuses on nurturing the fitrah in younger children aged 2 to 3 years old through fun and creative activities that are integrated with Islamic education, all done in an inviting, play environment.

A Muslim teacher with two children
The ground where the children are standing on
A boy playing with a ball
A girl painting a picture

reasons why you should enroll your child in Little Caliphs® Playschool

The number 5
Young children praying

Develop Islamic character & values

Young children playing variety of fun activities

Engage in fun activities and learning

Young children doing pretend play

Encourage social skills & teamwork

Young children showing pictures of their art and craft

Prepare them for preschool

The teachers that taught in the school

Qualified and experienced teachers

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" Terima Kasih all teachers kerana mendidik Mikael, kami sangat puas hati dengan perkembangan sosia, motor skill, emosi Mikael. Halalkan semua ilmu yang sudah diajar kepada Mikael. "

​" Assalamualaikum teachers, terima kasih teachers banyak menjaga dan mendidik Zahra. Zahra banyak improvement.  "

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