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How to Raise a Book-Loving Child

Early reading and instilling a love of books in your child is an excellent method to aid in their cognitive development, linguistic abilities, imagination, confidence, and creativity. Take a look at these 3 steps that can help boost your child’s love for books:

Girl Reading and Laughing

1. Create a reading-friendly environment: Set up a comfortable and appealing reading area in your house. Keep an age-appropriate bookcase or basket within easy reach of your children.

reading corner_edited.jpg

These captivating tales and easily accessible bookshelf will let your child read their preferred books

2. Read aloud: Reading aloud to your child is an effective technique to get them interested in literature. To bring the narrative to life, use expressive voices, gestures, and facial emotions. Encourage your child to participate in the tale by asking questions, offering predictions, and talking about the images. Hence, it can enhance their listening skills.

While reading the book, the teacher employs expressive movements and facial responses to help the children understand

3. Visit the library: Take your child to the library on a regular basis. Allow them to browse the children's area and select books that interest them. Participate in library programmes or storytime sessions to make the experience more interactive and interesting.  

Amazingly, we actually practice these 3 steps in our Little Caliphs Playschool to nurture a book-loving child. Therefore, parents and teachers need to emphasise the fun and discovery of books rather than the pressure to meet certain reading milestones. Be flexible and understanding of your child’s reading development, and applaud their accomplishments along the way.

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