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About Us

We are a sister branch of Little Caliphs® International that focuses in nurturing the fitrah in younger children from ages 2 to 3 years old through play. Here, we help our children to reach essential milestones through play activities that are both creative and fun. Similar to the TLCP program, our curriculum is designed to expose children to the meaningful foundations of Islam along with basic learning and living skills in an integrative manner using play.


Creative Play Curriculum (CPC)


Our creative play-based curriculum is infused with the elements of the Quran and Sunnah, with our focus in nurturing taqwa as well as teaching about Allah’s love and mercy in the children's hearts. This will, inshaAllah, help the children to have a strong Islamic identity and a sense of belonging to Islam. Besides that, we also want to encourage children to be enthusiastic learners that are actively trying out new ideas and make independent decisions as they carry out the activities.

Our Aim

2 boys playing with cups
To nurture confidence and self-esteem at a young age.
A muslim girl trying to put cotton ball into an egg beater
To focus on nurturing the children's fitrah through play activities.
Two messy boys in orange apron
To teach them early life skills in self-management.
3 boys playing with lego
To develop the children holistically.

Our Modules

Creative Play Curriculum

that emphasizes on the children's learning milestones through play.

A girl trying to feed her friend a dessert

Activities that encourage the development of good social skills.

2 kids showing off their art & craft

Pre-Writing activities that emphasise on motor skills.

Pre-Reading for the development of language skills.

Early science and numeracy for cognitive development.

Islamic values and Art & Craft across the curriculum.

Our Children

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Our Teachers
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Our Teachers

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Our Team

Our modules and curriculum have been developed by experts with more than 20 years of experience in early childhood development, care and education. Our teachers are trained both in-house and externally by various trainers and industry experts to develop not only high level skills but also empathy and understanding of children's behaviour and character.

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Our Learning Space

We have no chairs or tables, only a beautifully designed interior with plenty of space for the children to play, play and play!

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Our Founders

Datin Dr Hajah Sabariah Faridah Binti Haji Jamaluddin


Chief Academic Officer (CAO)

  • Fondly known as Teacher Fari.

  • Founder of The Little Caliphs Program, Teacher Fari has been training, consulting, and being a practitioner of pre-school programs since 1989.

  • Completed her PHD in Early Childhood Education, at Unirazak, in 2021.

  • Her creative pre-school curriculum integrates the basic teaching of Islam with other basic knowledge and skills such as reading, writing, drawing, Math, and English.

  • Teaching children since 2003, her vision is to cultivate the ability to read in all young children around the world by the tender age of 4.

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Datuk Haji Roslan Bin Nordin

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Group Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Little Caliphs® International Sdn. Bhd.

  • Co-Founder of The Little Caliphs Program® (TLCP).

  • Serving Little Caliphs on part-time basis since 2003, and on full-time basis since 2009.

  • Transforming Little Caliphs kindergarten to become an established national brand of kindergartens.

  • A keen learner of Islam.


Little Caliphs® Playschool to be adopted in all Little Caliphs® centers so that when they reach 4 years old, they are holistically ready for pre-school.


To nurture children at the ages 2 and 3 with Love and Care, and develop them towards their Islamic fitrah.

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